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Tamgha Trade Office

Tamgha Trade Office is a Toronto based company that provides consulting services in company formation, product marketing & research. We are a core team of consulting specialists that have decades of experience in their relative fields and will be able to assist you in every stage of your projects. Each business has its own unique needs, and we are committed to providing the best possible recommendations that address these specific needs.

We provide all-in-one solutions for your consulting needs. We understand that researching the market for a new product, registering a corporation, or figuring out an investment plan may get overwhelming with all the process and the paperwork. We use our resources and wide network to provide a smooth, hassle-free execution of your projects.

Contact us at 647-295-9847 to talk with a member of our client engagement team.


Tamgha Trade Office provides extensive consulting services in Toronto ranging from product market research to retail purchases. We aim to save you precious time by assisting with important decisions, so that you can focus on business growth and innovaton.

Company Formation

We will assist in every stage of registering your business in Canada, regardless of the type of your company.

Product Market Research

Our team will conduct wide perspective market research for the products you produce and the products you want to import or export to ensure best prices and increase profit.

Product Marketing and Distribution

We are here to give recommendations for your marketing and distribution strategies. Entering a new market brings many difficulties. We are here to carry you to success.


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We are a responsive and a flexible firm which allows us to adapt to your specific needs. We use our resources efficiently to guarantee cost-effective solutions for your business.


We are a core team of consultants, and we tailor our research specifically to you. Our solutions are extensive and direct that will save you time and hassle of dealing with multiple service providers.


We are committed to providing a high success rate for our clients. We have seasoned specialists with appropriate experience to understand your needs, and we use our network and expertise to deliver the best results.


We believe in making strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we always put customer experience first. We make it our business to look after yours, and our friendly team is always here to support you.